New London Superior Civil Court Records

New London County, Superior Court

Civil (1874-1974) & Criminal (1898-1955) Court Record Indexes

The Connecticut State Library has within the Connecticut State Archives a unique and  extensive collection of original Connecticut court materials which have been stored and preserved within a specific archival record group (RG) #003, Records of the Judicial Department.

This collection of judicial records covers the years 1636 to 1991 and includes over 5,000 cubic feet of primary source documentation detailing Connecticut’s rich judicial history from the colonial time period, to the end of the twentieth century.  These materials cover a wide range of court systems and court activities both civil and criminal in nature; for a detailed listing of this collection please see our on-line Guide to Judicial Record Collections.  Patrons may visit the Connecticut State Library to conduct research within the Connecticut Court records collections by following the Rules & Procedures for Using Archival Materials and requesting the desired materials.

Though there are many types of recorded records found within the various court systems over the past 375+ years, in general there are two formats of documentation found within a court system of interest to the historical researcher: court files which are the working papers of a court case, and court record volumes which is the official record and judgment of a court case.

Below are listed scanned images of the indexes found at the beginning of each volume of the New London County, Superior Court records.  The listing includes civil court volumes #13-#43 (1874-1974)and criminal court record volumes #4-#10 (1898-1955) for the New London County Superior Court.  The Connecticut State Archives also has additional criminal record volumes #12-#16 that cover the 1960-1972 time period.  Due to Connecticut erasure statutes the indexes cannot be posted online, for further information about these records, please contact the staff of the History & Genealogy Unit staff at (860) 757-6580.

If a record of interest is found in any of the below New London Superior Court Record indexes, and a reproduction of the original record is desired, you may submit a request via E-mail or by contacting the History & Genealogy Unit of the Connecticut State Library at (860) 757-6580.  Please include the court name, along with the volume and page the case is found, along with the case name as it may extend beyond the page indexed.

Reproduction formats and fees available, are as follows:

  • Photocopy: black & white copy, 8 1/2 X 11″ or  11 X 14″ sized paper, 25 cents; 11 X 17″, 50 cents per photocopied page, plus a $3.00 handling fee and first class postage charges.
  • Photocopy: color copy 8 1/2 X 11″ or 11 X 14″ sized paper, $1.00 per photocopied page, 11 X 17″, $1.25 per photocopied page plus a $3.00 handling fee and first class postage charges.
  • Digital images (low or high resolution): PDF, JEG, TIFF, or DNG images, 25 cents per image, plus a $3.00 handling fee.  Digital file may be delivered via internet for no additional cost.

Pre-payment is not needed as a bill will accompany the finished product, either in the mail with photocopies or with the digital images.

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RG 003 Judicial Records:

Subjects include foreclosures; appeals of probate; claims for damages; applications to change one’s name; appointments to the bar, or as a clerk or to various commissions, including overseers and deputy sheriffs; notices of County Representative and Senate meetings; oaths; and appeals on land valuations. The records are indexed by both plaintiff and defendant.

New London Superior Civil Court Cases

ID Volume Criminal or Civil Date Range/Court Session Link to PDF
wdt_ID ID Volume Criminal or Civil Date Range/Court Session Link to PDF
40 1 Volume 13 Civil Records Nov. 1874 - June 1877
41 2 Volume 14 Civil Records June 1877 - March 1880
42 3 Volume 14B Civil Records June 1880 – June 1881 (also including Nov. 1877, June 1878, June 1879 and Nov. 1879)
43 4 Volume 15 Civil Records Sep. 1881 – Sep. 1888
44 5 Volume 16 Civil Records Nov. 1888 – Sep. 1896
45 6 Volume 17 Civil Records Nov. 1896 - May 1903
46 7 Volume 18 Civil Records Sep. 1903 – May 1909
47 8 Volume 19 Civil Records Sep. 1909 – Nov. 1913, Sep. 1914
48 9 Volume 20 Civil Records Nov. 1913 - Feb. 1919
49 10 Volume 21 Civil Records Feb. 1919 – Mar. 1923