Connecticut Military Service Personnel photographs

Circa 1938-1953, Connecticut War Records Department

One of the most striking collections housed in the Connecticut State Library is a small group of five boxes of photographs found in the Connecticut War Records Department collection of records.  These photographs, which also includes some newspaper clippings, letters, and memorials, depict over 700 images of military service personnel who served primarily in World War II but include some later images of those who fought in the Korean conflict as well.  These images range in style from official studio portraits of men in crisp military uniforms, to civilian snapshots including recent graduation pictures taken in happier times.   

Photo of John Pardus
John Joseph Pardus of Torrington, CT
Photo of James Shields in Uniform
James J. Shields, Hartford, CT
Killed in action, Normandy, France
June 9, 1944








RG 012, Connecticut State Library,
War Records Department, Boxes 277 & 278

Many of these photographs contain detailed information about the service person on the back of the image such as the following for Ensign Burton T. Oberg: 

Photo of Burton Thelin in Uniform
Burton Thelin Oberg of Cromwell, CT. Killed in action,
Nov. 13, 1944,
Manila Bay, Philippines

Scan of a hand written document obituary details of Ensign Burton Thelin Oberg.





RG 012, Connecticut State Library,
War Records Department, Box 278

While other images in this collection reflect the ultimate sacrifice that was given in the conflict in which these Connecticut sons served. 

Scan of the front of Memorial for Paul Michalko. Killed in Action November 1944
Paul E. Michalko of Torrington, CT
Army, Private First Class. Killed in action, November 5, 1944, France.
RG 012, Connecticut State Library,Scan of the Memorial of Paul Michalko Killed in Action November 1944
War Records Department, Box 277




The following Connecticut Military Service Personnel Photograph Collection Index, (circa 1938-1953) was created by Connecticut State Library staff to highlight and better utilize these unique archival photographs and honor those who served in the military.  

Great effort was made to identify the individuals depicted using information provided with the photograph.  Please keep in mind however that names, geographic locations, or other information may be misspelled or in error as a result. 

Branch of service, rank, military unit, residence, and other notations were included in the index to assist the researcher or family member to determine if there is an image for a specific individual.  Please be aware that prior to 1947 the United Sates Air Force was a branch of the United States Army and as a result, images may be listed as Army Air Corps. 

Please keep in mind that names and locations may be misspelled as a result.     

You may conduct a search in any of the columns, or any combination of columns to limit your search.  

If a name of an individual of interest is found in the below Connecticut Military Service Personnel Photograph Collection Index, and a reproduction of the original record is desired, you may submit a request via E-mail or by contacting the History & Genealogy Unit of the Connecticut State Library at (860) 757-6580.   

Reproduction formats and fees available, are as follows: 

  • Photocopy: black & white copy, 8 1/2 X 11″ or 11 X 14″ sized paper, 25 cents; 11 X 17″, 50 cents per photocopied page, plus a $3.00 handling fee and first-class postage charges. 
  • Photocopy: color copy 8 1/2 X 11″ or 11 X 14″ sized paper, $1.00 per photocopied page, 11 X 17″, $1.25 per photocopied page plus a $3.00 handling fee and first-class postage charges. 
  • Digital images (low or high resolution): PDF, JEG, TIFF, or DNG images, 25 cents per image, plus a $3.00 handling fee.  Digital file may be delivered via internet for no additional cost. 

Pre-payment is not needed as a bill will accompany the finished product, either in the mail with photocopies or with the digital images. 

Please include the military service person’s name and the box number location in requesting a copy of the image. 

Please be aware that this index may not open and function properly when using Firefox, but may be accessed using either the Chrome or IE browsers 

Connecticut Military Service Personnel Photograph Index

ID Surname Given Name Service Branch Rank Unit Residence individual or family Notes Location Location
wdt_ID ID Surname Given Name Service Branch Rank Unit Residence individual or family Notes Location Location
1 1 Abrucaato Michael P. Army Private Company K, 168 Infantry, 34th Division
2 2 Adams John Popkin Navy
3 3 Adams William H. Army Air Corps Corporal 21st Bomber Squadron, 501st Bomber Group New Milford Photo taken at Bordentown, NJ, June 1943
4 4 Alfonso John F. Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class Rating Badge is for Mess Attendant/Steward/Baker/Cook
5 5 Allen Eric Navy Ensign 2 photos
6 6 Allen Roger Hibbard Army Air Corps Corporal 533rd Bomber Squadron, 381st Bomber Group Born January 17, 1922; Killed in Action June 1943
7 7 Anderson Ernest B. Navy Lieutenant Hamden, formerly New Haven Missing March 1945; Son of Ernest B. & Isabelle Anderson
8 8 Anderson Harold
9 9 Anderson Harry R. Army Air Corps
10 10 Anderson John Army Hartford